Six teens, three love stories, one mission: find a new home planet.

Every year, the United World Space Exploration sends one hundred of the most promising students into space to learn about the universe from among the stars. This year the students are tasked with finding a plausible way to travel to, colonize, and survive on a hypothetical planet. But when life as they knew it is gone back on Earth, it becomes obvious the task is not as hypothetical as the UWSE wants them to believe.

Terra, UWSE reject and space buff, wants to gain as much as she can from the experience. She gets a job in the observatory shelving books like a robot and meets John, the shy, bookish astronomy winner who wants to prove his worth by leading his group to win the ultimate prize--an internship for the UWSE. While working together on the project, they unearth a secret the UWSE has been hiding for years.

Rion, athletic winner and Terra’s twin, is the first to learn of the power shift back on Earth. He never wanted to be on the stupid ship in the first place, and now he wants to be home more than ever to protect the girl he left behind. But as he watches Cassi, the one and only creative arts winner and the girl who brought a tree on the ship, learn of the horrors on Earth, he realizes she needs his protection too. Finding comfort in their shared love for their planet, Rion and Cassi stick together as she documents the camp's progress with a paintbrush, and he is put through one physical test after another.

Eradonus leaves his everything behind--including his real name--to board the ship that will take him far away from his past on Earth. Lyra, spoiled daughter of the ship’s captain, has spent every day of her life on the ship and would give up everything she has to make a future on Earth. They work together to override security controls so they can move about the ship more freely. Their disregard for the rules is exactly what puts them in the wrong place at the right time.