Nine Lives

Nine days after her death, Amelia wakes up in a new body.

And not one she wants.

Amelia worked hard to earn her bikini-ready body, and then one stupid night with one charming boy ruined it all. Of course, a guy like him only pretended to be interested in her so he could lure her outside and kill her. She should have listened to the fortune teller when he predicted something like this would happen.

When Amelia wakes up nine days later in a body she hates, fulfilling another prediction, Amelia wonders how the third prediction will come to be—she’ll meet the man of her dreams and the man she’ll fall in love with.



Dear You, 

As someone who has struggled with body image my entire life, I wrote Nine Lives for the girls who wish for a new body every minute of every day.

To you, girls, you are beautiful just the way you are.