​Every year, the United World Space Exploration sends one hundred of the most promising students into space to learn about the universe from among the stars. This year the students are tasked with finding a plausible way to travel to, colonize, and survive on a hypothetical planet. But when life as they knew it is gone back on Earth, it becomes obvious the task is not as hypothetical as the UWSE wants them to believe.

Six teens, three love stories, one mission: find a new home planet.

Terra, UWSE reject and space buff, wants to gain as much as she can from the experience. She gets a job in the observatory shelving books like a robot and meets John, the shy, bookish astronomy winner who wants to prove his worth by leading his group to win the ultimate prize--an internship for the UWSE. While working together on the project, they unearth a secret the UWSE has been hiding for years.

A Ghost in Our Stars


Rion, athletic winner and Terra’s twin, is the first to learn of the power shift back on Earth. He never wanted to be on the stupid ship in the first place, and now he wants to be home more than ever to protect the girl he left behind. But as he watches Cassi, the one and only creative arts winner and the girl who brought a tree on the ship, learn of the horrors on Earth, he realizes she needs his protection too. Finding comfort in their shared love for their planet, Rion and Cassi stick together as she documents the camp's progress with a paintbrush, and he is put through one physical test after another.

Eradonus leaves his everything behind--including his real name--to board the ship that will take him far away from his past on Earth. Lyra, spoiled daughter of the ship’s captain, has spent every day of her life on the ship and would give up everything she has to make a future on Earth. They work together to override security controls so they can move about the ship more freely. Their disregard for the rules is exactly what puts them in the wrong place at the right time.

Freya Darling is in love with love, which is perfect for her because she’s a Cupid. Every day, she receives an assignment card with the names of two lucky people who are ready to be Kissed by a Cupid. Within a week, the couple will Seal the Kiss, bonding their love irrevocably. Because Freya knows there is one person out there made just for her, she refuses to date. Why risk the heartbreak when a Cupid will match her with the perfect person when the time is right?  But when she is assigned to a couple in their seventies, Freya realizes she may have to wait until her hair turns grey to be matched. In a moment of weakness, she steals her own Fated card from Cupid’s vault.

The name on the card is the last one she wants to see. Rupert Lovett is everything she hates in a man—a womanizer who mocks the romantic notions she holds so dear to her heart. So what if he claims to be in love with her?

Determined to write her own Destiny, Freya risks getting her Kiss revoked to find a love she can choose. The guy who catches her eye is perfect for her in every way, except one, he’s a human who is meant to be with someone else.

Going against the very reason for her existence--to make sure Destiny comes to be--she risks her wings to create her own destiny.

A Kiss from Cupid

Meet the cast and learn more about Freya's world.

Freya: A Cupid who is in love with love. She does more than her job description--match unsuspecting couples via Cupid's Kiss--she watches their love blossom and gets more involved in their lives than she is allowed.

Rupert: Full of bad pick-up lines, Rupert is a Cupid who, in Freya's eyes, completely completely disregards everything Cupid's Kiss stands for.

Lana: Freya's calm, cool, and collected best friend who just so happens to be a muse.

Percy and Penny: Together they embody everything a Sprite is--a mischievous nuisance--but separately, Freya learns they are people with individual personalities and dreams. 

Pavers: The collective term for Destiny's employees.

Oracles: Pavers who whisper one's Destiny in the ear of babies when their born.

Elves: Pavers who maintain the balance of life. If someone dies before their time, they perform miracles to grant them longer life; if someone cheats death, they find another way to end their life.

Olivia Finnegan moves into her creepy-beautiful house and instantly knows something is going on—floors move, stairs grow, and hidden gardens send her secret messages. While trying to get to the root of the mystery, she and her calendar-worthy neighbor, Jaden, unearth a family feud that Olivia finds herself tangled in. She is the only one with the power to release her grandma from her unlikely prison but has no idea how to do it. She learns to harness her magic just in time to face off with Mariana, the witch who started it all.


If Olivia doesn’t free her grandma in time, she’ll lose the family she just rediscovered and the boy who could have been the love of her life.

This is Where My House Lives is blooming with magic and watered with love.

This is Where My House Lives

Meet the Cast

Olivia: Newbie witch with the ability to lend her magic. 

Jaden: Green-eyed hottie in Olivia's new neighborhood.

Joy: Olivia's sister who rocks thigh-high boots and a bad attitude

Grandma: Jaden's eccentric grandma who introduces Olivia magic, even if Olivia doesn't know it at the time.

Abuela Dyana: Olivia's spit-fire grandmother who is guiding Olivia in the most unlikely of ways.

Mariana: Witch with a century-long grudge against Olivia's family.

Nine days after her death,  Amelia Leonard wakes up in a new body—and not one she wants.

The first words of the fortune teller's prediction are true: "On December 31st, you’ll be cornered in an alley by men you don’t recognize. One of them will stab you...on January 9th you'll wake up on a couch…but you’ve changed..."  Does that mean the second half will come to be? "You’ll meet the man of your dreams and the man you’ll eventually fall in love with."

She can't even begin to think about love when she is trapped in the body she'd spent years trying to get rid of—who could love her when she can't love herself?

Nine Lives follows Amelia’s journey as she comes to terms with her inevitable murder, recreates herself, and untangles her love affairs with two different men—the man she’s destined to be with and the man she loves despite the odds.

Nine Lives

Meet the Cast

Amelia: Snarky, more-to-love, book-lover who learns her life has been planned since before she was born.

Rori: He's Irish. He has crazy, blue eyes. And he is the Prince of the Foxxes. If that isn't enough, Amelia meets him on January 9th--the day the fortune teller predicted she'd meet the man of her dreams and the man she'd fall in love with. 

James/Jamey: He has an accent too. He dies for her, and comes back to life as a six-foot hunk. As her bodyguard, he's off limits. And you're right if you guess that she also meets him on January 9th.

Tristany: Amelia's zaney best friend who pushes her to live life to the fullest. 

Tanner: The guy who just might be able to win Tristany's fickle heart.